Chapter 3 "The Quidditch Incident"

Chapter 3 “The Quidditch Accident” “Gips stayed with me.” Ramen cried. “Professor let me take him I’m faster with my broom.” Said Keysa in an urgent. “Fine hurry take to Madam Pomfrey in the third floor, hurry.” Mcgonnaguy shouted, Keysa flew off in a hurry. “Professor is he gonna be okay?” Ramen ask in sadness. “Cara wake up, you pass out.” Said Dwill while try to wake Cara. “Oh sorry guys, I just thought I died.” Cara said sarcastically. “Where’s Gips?” Cara ask without knowing happen to Gips. Ramen explain what happen to Gips while crying. Cara, Dwill, and Ramen meet Keysa and the dying Gips in the Hospital Wing. “Is he okay.” Ramen ask while being comfort by Dwill. “He’s barely surviving, what happened.” Madam Pomfrey ask in shocked. “A guy with a cloak use the Bombarda Maxima charm and exploded the equipment shed and passing Cara and almost killing Gips. “Hmm, I can make a Healing Potion to save her, Vulnera Sanetur.” Gips scars and marks has been healed by the spell. “He’s fin…

Chapter 2 "Stranger Danger"

Chapter 2 “Stranger Danger” When Ramen and Gips arrive at Hogwarts, they still need to past the Lagoon Lake. “Ok kids follow me to the docks, errg.” Said Hogrid, “Guys do you want to be in the same boat.” Dwill ask happily. “One word Dwill no.” Gips roasted Dwill. “Gips be nice.” Ramen spanked Gips.” “Fine… fine… fine sorry.” Gips disappointed “Okay kids, pick one boat then go canoe to the castle.” Said Hogrid. When they arrive at Hogwarts they meet Mcgonnaguy, Mcgonnaguy is an old Woman who likes wearing green clothes and have brown but whitening hair. “Please everyone make a line to the Sorting Ceremony.” Mcgonnaguy prepping everyone for the ceremony. “Now please everyone calm down for the sorting ceremony.” Said Mcgonnaguy. “Now please step in Dwill Woods.” “Wish me luck.” Dwill ask nervously. “Ahh, someone who is underestimated, never main character, but got a lot to proof you can be a Slytherin or maybe Raven Claw.” The Sorting Hat Confused. “Ramen what’s happening.” Gips …

Chapter 1 "The Blower Upper"

The Eggcelent Adventure Of Gips and Ramen Chapter 1 “The Blower Upper” Hello my name is Ramen (not food), I’m from the family Samus, I’m a Half-Blood wizard, my mum is a muggle and my dad is a pure blood wizard. So that’s make me a Half-Blood (Duh, idiot) I’m a tall, white colour skin and blonde hair guy, and my best friend Gips Maximus is a Mud-Blood (Disgusting, sorry I’m joking) he’s a average height brown colour hair guy who love’s pranks and mischieve. And yours truly love’s making puns, puntastic. Now are “Heroes” are in The Three Bromsticks to have Lunch. “Munch….. Munch… Hmmm sooo good.” Gips says with a mouth full. “Is it good noodle, eh get it.” Gips laugh. “ And you said my puns are bad, besides the horrible puns the food is amazing the roasted chicken and butter beer are so good, did you hear about the gossi-.” Ramen being stop by Gips. “Stop !!! gossiping is bad.” Ramen being lecture by Gips. “Is not like those gossip, I heard the Hufflepuff prefect Phoebe use the Bombard…

liburanku DI jakarta dan 25% main Forknife

Penulis= Alyaubirahaman Gani Ho AndaraKelas dan Absen= 8e / 4 Pada tanggal= 9 juni sampe 16 juli             Halo nama saya scamer 264, dan saya akan menceritakan tentang liburan saya di Jakarta dan rumah. Jadi aku libur sebayak 1 bulan 1 minggu, saya akan membahas liburan saya dalam mingguan. Jadiiiii minggu pertama, minggu pertama kita masih puasa jadi Cuma main nonton, dan aktivitas lain yang aku tak ingat, palingan Cuma main sama kucing sama sengsara puasa. Minggu ke 2, puasa udah selesai dan aku lebaran sama keluarga keliling Jakarta. Dari timur sampe barat, dan utara ke selatan. Aku berkerja keras untuk melawan anak-anak lain untuk mendapat thr, aku melawan org yang mengelak thr ku, aku merayu emak emak yg memiliki hati lemah untuk mendapat uang lebih dan terakhir ini hari pertama aku melihat game bernama forknife. Minggu ke 3, di sini aku mencoba latihan masak dgn memasak steak, burger, hainam chicken dll, aku juga mulai nonton video youtube  forknife. Youtuber pertamaku adalah mr …
Episode 5
“The Invasion”
This day Gips, Ramen ,and Dwill are going attend Gips favorite class. Gips:” Ahh, the easiest class in Da Universe.” Arrogant Gips while making duck lips. Ramen:” Egh, you will get carma.” Sepuluh Snake:” Ok children today you gonna learn the colour changing potion, I will not tolerance tom foolery if you caught joking around I will punish you and take house point , now go make your potion do not disturb me.” 
After Snape make some kids cry. While Gips already finish making the potion, Ramen is stuggling to make it. Ramen:” Egh, how do you ad worm wood powder with goldenlox slugs? Ramen cringing inside. Gips:” Easy just use Dififindo if you can do it, I cant. ”Ramen:” How do you know that only my family book have all the information.” Suspicious Ramen. Gips:” Egh, oh some 6 graders tell me.”(I hope he belive me). Ramen:” Ok.” Sepuluh Snake:” Mr Gipss, puckkkk.” Gips got smack by Sepuluh Snake and Hufflepuff loss 23 points.
On the way to the Green House to learn He…
A Gipsless Day
“Episode 4”
While walking to the Great Hall Ramen meet Dwill and Osas talking about the Sabarudins. Osas:” DO u know that The Sabarudins Minions are in Hogsmode.” Dwill:” Realy!!!” Surprise Dwill. Ramen:” Hey guys.” Osas and Dwill:” Heyyy.” Ramen:” I kinda over heard your conversation, but don’t worry the school is beefing up the traps and staff, like duelling club, and BTW lets join In,” Osas:” OK, but How do u know.” Surprise Osas. Ramen:” Ooh, The Gosippers tell me all about it in the Library, while I’m studying about Devil Snare.” Dwill:” Lets have breakfast.” Osas and Ramen:” Ok.”
In the Great Hall they eat a simple English Breakfast, meanwile at the Hospital wing. Gips:”Miamble Wiomble, Bombirdi.”Madam Pompey:” Ok, hes confirm crazy.” Gips:” Ooh sorry Madam Pompey, I just dream about killing Darry with my spells.” Madam Pompey:” Once again I love dark humor.” Gips:” Good!!!”Happy Gips.
Back at the Great Hall, Dwill, Ramen, and Osas are in the Traning Grounds doing try…
Episode 3
“Healing and Dueling”
2 days later, Ramen: “Yossss! Excited Ramen. Ramen is so excited because today Gips and Dwill are going back to class. Ramen: “Hello Madam Pompey, I want to visit my friends” Madam Pompey: “They have return!” Madam Pompey with a sad toon” Ramen: “Startled Ramen.” Madam Pompey:” Do you like my dark hummor” Ramen: “Wow” Madam Pompey: “They are in the Hufflepuff common room with your prefect, Phoebe isn’t it” Ramen:” Yahh she’s amazing” Madam Pompey: “Hmm some new lovers” Ramen: “Ok I think I just go to the common room.
On the way to the common room Gips see Dwill and Gips talking to a Gryffindor student. Osas is burning Gips clothes while Dwill is blasting water to Osas and Gips clothes Gips: “Oh it’s Ramen, come here noodles” Osas: “Do u know da way” Dwill: “Don’t mind him. he’s a fire caster, and hurry we have Defend Against the Dark Arts or me and Gips call it DATDA” Ramen: “Then let’s go”
In DATDA the teacher Senus is teaching a new offensive spell. Senus